From Michael Baker

This is very sad news; if this could be at all transmitted to those close to Naomi, her family and friends, on behalf of the ijCSCL board, I, with the rest of you express my deepest condolences. I have my personal memories of her too.

As for Naomi’s legacy as a researcher in our field, I remember the excitement with which I read Naomi’s ground-breaking paper on collaboration, as it just came out, in 1986:

Miyake, N., 1986. Constructive Interaction and the Iterative Process of Understanding. Cognitive Science, 10, 151-177.

As far as I know, almost no-one was doing serious work on collaborative processes, within any discipline relating to cognitive science at that time.

It was the paper that got me interested in collaboration and in collaborative learning. So, personally speaking, I see her as one of the founders of our field…

She will be sorely missed.

From Michael Baker

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