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In my memory of Naomi.
We met for the fist time as a chair and an invited speaker at an international workshop on Robots with Children, Lausanne, Switzerland, March 6, 2011.
I remembered her who did not agree everything  when I gave my talk. Nevertheless she invited me for another talk in HongKong, July 5, 2011.  That was the conference workshop on Robotics in CSCL, Hong Kong, July 5, 2011 (see photo 1: After my talk with me, Dr. Kanda in ATR, Prof. Ishiguro in Osaka University, Prof. Naomi).
Next year, Prof. Naomi was invited from International conference e-Learning Korea 2011 in Seoul.
She wanted to have a lunch just the two of us to discuss Children Robot Learning. She chose Korean vegetable dish for her health in stead of beef.  (see photo 2: lunch with Naomi in e-Learning Korea conference)


She encouraged me to study Children and Robot Interaction when I told her I felt I lacked the capacity.
I can remember  her sayings “Jeonghye, you don’t need to care what your skills are or where you are from. It is valuable to keep going on” I would like to pay a high tribute to Naomi’s life as a researcher and role-model.

She was a great mentor to many female researchers in CSCL and in HRI.
Cherish the memory of former President, Naomi.

Jeonghye Han,
South Korea

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